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Thread: Quizno's is gay

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    Hmm, I've been eating alot of Subway recently due to the fact I have a few pounds to shed before bootcamp.

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    lol. Is there a requirement? Because im sure youde come back from bootcamp wih half the weight of what you have now.

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    I have to be down to 197 for my height, I was about 215-220 in now down to 199. Almost there, they just want you to be fairly fit before you enter bootcamp.

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    You know whats fun? Comparing blake's first threads to his current ones.
    No offence, because i like your old ones, theyre funny

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    Ha, actually I dont make to many threads but alot of my old ones are odd because I was doing anything I could to get more conversation going.

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    lol, did you get those funny warnin labels at I posted a wgole buncha new ones at "The stupid thread" Take a look at em if ya like, theyr pretty funny

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    The battle between HD DVD and Blu Ray

    Hey guys,

    Im doing an article on the topic. If somebody has done it, just reply, if not...well here i go.

    War Hawk

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    War Hawk - hopefully I can catch you before you've written the article. Its already been covered here:

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