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    The REAL video game awards!

    This quote is from
    Two reasons to care about the 6th annual Game Developers Choice Awards: They only accept nominations from other developers and will likely not include any brand names in their award categories
    Deadline is January 13th
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    [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    Tired of trying to stretch your USB Keyboard to your couch or typing out words via the directional pad? Sony finally has you covered with their very own wireless keypad. This peripheral, much like the 360's chatpad, will connect to the USB port of the controller for easy access. Apparently, the keypad will also have a touchpad mode for mouse input.

    Not much else is known about the peripheral, but we're sure pictures will surface shortly.

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    Re: [READY]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    editing now.
    *Kiss My X Box Flavoured Ass*

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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad


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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    Away for about another hour - someone keep posting until I get back. Cheers.

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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    Eric i've updated it again with 2 hi-res shots. Could you watermark them? I don't know how to..

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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    I just add it as a screenshot to "PlayStation 3"

    No need to watermark these, they're not exclusive or anything.

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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    Ok cheers.

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    Re: [LIVE]Sony announces wireless Keypad

    Btw Bhav, remember to always type out one through ten as words. 11 and up can be typed as numbers.

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