10 Quintessential Movies For Different College Majors

Sep 17, 2005
Hope you guys like this feature. Geared towards college students but a fun read.

10 Quintessential Movies For Different College Majors

College is a time when students begin to appreciate movies like never before. Sure, Disney movies were comforting when you were a kid, but there’s nothing like snuggling up in your dorm room to watch a great film after a long day of lectures and studying in the library. And with the rise of Netflix, our generation can access movies easier than ever before, making impromptu movie watching sessions on Tuesdays at 1:00 am a regular habit. But what to watch? There is a perfect movie out there for everyone, but if you’d like to narrow down your search, start with checking out these classic films which relate to whatever major you are studying.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role, so you already know it’s going to be good. This film is loosely based on Jordan Belfort’s rise to notoriety, a larger than life wall street investor who got into some serious shenanigans. At times hilarious, at times appalling, The Wolf of Wall Street offers a glimpse into the seedy side of the American Dream.

From a cinematography standpoint, this film is absolutely breathtaking. It follows the story of Virgil Oldman, the most distinguished fine art auctioneer in the world. Stunning paintings and architecture compliment the movie’s dizzying climax, before audiences are left stunned at the surprising twist. True love, like any true artistic masterpiece, can be forged.

If you are an English literature major, chances are you will see Shakespeare pop up on your syllabus at least once. But did you ever stop to wonder how the Bard drew inspiration for some of the most romantic verses in history? Shakespeare in Love attempts to fill in the blanks of Shakespeare’s own love life. And while not exactly historically accurate, this film (which landed Gwyneth Paltrow a Best Actress Oscar) is heart warming all the same.

Not one for the faint of heart, Memento is an innovative psychological thriller that will have you scratching your head for days after watching. Leonard is a man with short term memory loss who is trying to solve the mystery of his wife’s gruesome murder and catch her killer. But like all good psychological thrillers, the audience can never be too sure of who is suffering delusions of post traumatic stress disorder, and who is truly guilty.

With popular films like Gravity and The Martian, space exploration movies are definitely on the rise. Interstellar, an epic vision by ambitious director Christopher Nolan, is simply astounding. Matthew McConaughey plays a career defining role as an astronaut who is trying to save the world. Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Biology majors will be spellbound by the visual effects and the harsh realities of surviving in space.

Rarely is a war movie portrayed with such stark brutality and lack of glorification. The Deer Hunter does not hold back on the horrors of the War in Vietnam, and its effect on the veterans and their families back home. Christopher Walken delivers one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history, with a game of Russian Roulette that still haunts audiences today.

If you need some motivation before that Mathematics or Physics exam, Ironman is a great place to start. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark in one of history’s most successful superhero blockbusters. And the movies (it’s currently a trilogy) are deserving of the hype, with humor and awesome special effects.

An all star cast set the stakes high for this military courtroom drama about a suspicious murder in the barracks. Tom Cruise brings his usual swagger to the role, and is supported by a straight-talking Demi Moore and deeply troubled Jack Nicholson. If you need any more convincing to watch this classic, then check out the “You can’t handle the truth” courtroom scene and you’ll be sold.

Computer programming prodigies are one in a million, but for a programmer to have such an ambitious vision for his website? The odds are one in a billion. The Social Network chronicles Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial inventing of Facebook, and gives students a glimpse of the drama that went behind creating the site that revolutionized the way that we socialize.

Part comic-book superhero action, part dystopian political commentary, this fast paced film will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Political Science students will not only appreciate the dangers of a fascist regime, but Natalie Portman’s standout performance as an aspiring political vigilante.


Master Sage
Nov 29, 2007
I dunno about the last one. I think that movie would work better for a Humanities or Liberal Arts course lol. I think an Aaron Sorkin written movie would work better for Political Science.