2013 PSU Pigskin Pick Em Anyone?

May 5, 2011
Would anyone be interested in playing Pig Skin Pick Em against each other this year?

One year I ran out of funds and another year I left. Things are going good and I have put away the money to give away a surprise. It won't be anything super expensive, but it will make PSU pig skin pick em worth your time.

The winner of 2013 PSU pig skin pick em would get:
$20-$30 NFL Team cap
Free signature and avatar of any NFL team or player they want
Bragging Rights

I already have the money for the cap put away. I purchase the cap and have it shipped to the winner's address or an address they want it shipped to.

If 7 members do not communicate intent to play, I will let this thread die and there won't be a PSU pig skin pick em.