A short story I wrote...

Dec 25, 2005
ME! said:
It was a simple plan. In and out, without catching the attention of the top brass for too long. Aamir had thought it out so many times in his mind. All the possible permutation, probabilities were accounted for. He rechecked the figures one last time; adjusted his tie and went in. The backdoor had become his best friend since he was almost always late to these meetings. He always kept the focus off himself, even when in the office. Not many people could even recognize his face, nor did they know his name. But he did get the job done though. That’s what made him likeable to his boss, Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith didn’t know Aamir by name, but he recognized him as a workaholic. Aamir always believed in working smart, and people always perceived his smart work as hard work. This worked to his advantage in many ways.

Aamir spoke on their company’s fiscal year, and described it with a web of verbosity. Of course, the experienced company heads were with him on every word he spoke and Aamir was well aware of that. He was very agile while making his presentations, energetic and passionate, very unlike his office persona. Mr. Smith had noticed this many times, but it seemed like trivial information to him.

“And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a break”

During the break, Smith met up with Aamir and enquired about the figures being incorrect.

“These are not the amounts that were in the report that you gave me last week!”

“Sir, I rechecked the figures last night and it came up to this.”

“You know the implication of this, don’t you? Why didn’t you inform me of the changes?”

“Sir, I’m just doing my job. If you want, we can revert back to the old data.”

“No, we’re already in too deep with this, carry on. Just be ready for the ****-storm afterwards and remember, it’s all on you”

Aamir got nervous over “it’s all on you”. But he had thought over this scenario as well. He took out a piece of gum and started chewing on it. It helped him relax.

As soon as the break was over, Aamir got back to the dark wood podium and resumed his presentation, albeit with subtracted enthusiasm. He saw Mr. Smith listening in more attentively. The company representatives were oddly calm about this. Aamir anticipated this much, considering most of them were old folk, only after the money with no interest in the actual process of it all. Aamir took advantage of this to get his scheme fulfilled, but Mr. Smith’s piqued interest seemed to pose a threat now.

“Our old employees have been receiving a steady increase in their basic pay for the last two years in order to adjust inflation cost and justify it in board reports”

Aamir took a sip of water and continued on.

“This leaves a lot of room for error at our understaffed accounting section, to keep track on all their paychecks is becoming a difficult ordeal for the company to handle”

At this moment, everyone had the scapegoat at their tongue. The recession. Of course, it was to blame. That draconian plague that swept through all business platforms. It brought their rage together in unity. Their focus was now to blame the recession. All according to plan.

“What we need to do is to either rebuild the accounts part of our office structure, or to leave it as it is for the time being, and I know that sounds unethical, but it should hold us out on paper”

The executives were now out of their recession rage coma. Rebuilding a whole section seemed unprofitable, especially in this recession. Aamir, for the first time in his life, was noticed by one particular stockholder of the company at this moment. It was a subtle nod of recognition, and Aamir didn’t heed to it. He continued on with his speech, and they listened to him as if someone was binding them to hear him. But the stockholder listened to Aamir like he was the pied piper in the flesh. The conclusion to the meeting was that the company either had to change its whole structure of power and money-flow, or to file for bankruptcy. It was a beautiful deconstruction of facts right in front of the uninformed company heads. But the stockholder knew better. He had money invested in many different ventures, and he knew he had seen this pattern of events before. He knew that it always ended with all stakes being lost. He didn’t want to lose his stakes.

It was a slight drizzle and raindrops started to make that light dull sound on the concrete. It was calming in a way to Aamir. A stark contrast to what he had done in the boardroom that day. From the outside, the office looked like any other ordinary room with no special annotations. It was just a room full of people. But him being present in the midst of that living entity, the office, made it exist like the notion of offices that we have in our minds. Aamir took a mental note of a certain thing. He had been less than inconspicuous during the presentation. Smith’s ambiguous ultimatum had made him fumble a bit, deviate from his plan. All in all, it was good, but his instinct told him a different story. He carried on back into the building and into the parking lot. It was getting late. Aamir was often late to go back home. He would work overtime. It was as if he had a hatred directed towards his house. A house which didn’t have an existence outside of Aamir being present there. As he was reaching his car, he fumbled around in his pockets looking for the keys.
“Oh ****, must have left those at my table” he said, as if someone was listening.
He dragged his legs back to his office space. No-one was in there except for the janitor with his headphones on. Aamir had seen him many times, so he acknowledged him with a friendly nod. His desk was empty. He walked towards the janitor to see if he had any information.

“Hey, uh, did you see any keys at my table?”

“Nope, did you lose ‘em?”

“Seems like it, heh, let me know if you find anything”


Aamir sat back on his uncomfortable office chair and began to recall where he might have put the keys.

“Let’s see now Desk..Bathroom..Desk…Boardroom..”

A visual of the keys on the podium flashed upon his eyes. He walked triumphantly to the boardroom where it all took place that very day. The empty corridors spooked him a bit. He opened the doors and the keys were right there at the podium. He grabbed them, but something caught his eye. Someone had left their folder at the roundtable.

“Well, what do we have here?”

He picked it up and hurried back to his desk. The janitor humming in the background was a constant reminder of a human presence to Aamir. It was warm all those lonely hours that he had worked here before. But holding a file labeled “CONFIDENTIAL”, the presence was unwelcome. He opened up the slide into its constituent papers. Began reading it.


Finished reading it.


He turned around to see if someone was there. Even the janitor had gone. He had no-one to share his story with. Not sure if he’d even want to. He drove back home and the rain had got heavy. He didn’t particularly care about the weather, but it got through his impermeable indifference. A storm was brewing.

The alarm rings.


Aamir didn’t remember setting the alarm so early. He got up anyways. He saw his image on the bathroom mirror. The image whose existence was governed by his presence there. His eyes were red. The colour reminded him of the tinge of red on the file cover that he read the day before. A light flashed and Aamir got startled. Then he heard a roar of the clouds and realized the source of the flash. It was a storm outside, no way he could make it to the office. If the office existed, that is.

He sat down on his recliner with a cup of hot cocoa he had just prepared. Dressed very cozy, he started with the file again. He knew that it was one of the company heads. He even knew the signature on one of the pages, but the details were hazy. He took a sip and turned a page. He realized the importance of the dossier that he held, as it very intricately points him out as the culprit behind all the scams that Aamir had seemingly pulled on the company since he got hired. He looked at the last page and noticed a phone number. He promptly dialed it.


“Yeah, Mr. Oscar, is it?”

“Yes, who’s this?”

“You seem to have left your file at the office…”

“Ah yes! Mr. Aamir, it was no accide….”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“Questions later Aamir, just listen for now. I know who you are and what devious little plans you’ve cooked up to destroy the company”

“So.. you know? What do you want?”

“I’d never seen this sort of scam pulled with such perfection, that makes you special according to my needs”

“Get to the damn point” Aamir said, with a seeming authority that he didn’t possess at that moment.

“I want a cut from the bankruptcy money”

“If there is gonna be a bankruptcy, that is”

“Don’t take me for a fool Aamir, I’ve seen this happen too many times. I’ve also seen these schemes go to **** because someone got too cocky”

“Tell me what you need me to do”

Mr. Oscar told Aamir the details of how the plan would take place. Aamir agreed to comply. Aamir headed down to the office willfully ignoring the storm that he was now a part of. He reached the office entrance. A wall clock read:


Aamir hurried to the boardroom. He reminded himself of the plan just before entering.

“Just be ready for the ****-storm afterwards and remember, it’s all on you”

All the company heads along with Mr. Smith were in the boardroom. Aamir was handed a briefcase by Mr. Oscar just before entering the boardroom, who rushes out of the office. All according to plan.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen” Aamir said, as he placed the briefcase at the centre of the conference round-table.

“I need to make a confession here. I have been deceitful towards this company for too long, and I plan to start making amends by being truthful here”

A very loud thunder interrupted this heartfelt moment. An explosion. Bodies lie lifeless, no-one is spared. Aamir is still alive with a few burns. He looks around the boardroom and hears only one thing.

“Just be ready for the ****-storm afterwards and remember, it’s all on you”
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