AMD Ryzen 7000 presentation


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Jun 30, 2013
AMD Premiere: together we advance_PCs

Well, it's definitely interesting and seems really good. For example, the core count is the same as the 5000-series, but at a much higher clock rate. And it's nice to see that they are trying to keep the power consumption "low". And that they are planning on supporting the socket for more than just a couple of years.

But for me personally price is a deciding factor when I'm going to build a new PC. And I'm not only talking about the prices of the 7000-series CPUs, it's the overall cost of a system built around one of these CPUs. As an early adopter you are paying more and you are basically a guinea pig. So, if I would build a PC now I would most likely go with current gen hardware. Maybe in 1-2 years from now I would be interested in building a system around one of these CPU's (or what Intel has out on the market at the moment).


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Oct 8, 2007
As an early adopter you are paying more and you are basically a guinea pig.
This and the power consumption would do it for me.

Particularly the early adopters fee associated with the AVX-512 implementation. I've been doing a bit of python and Matlab on the side of late and it would be useful (for matlab, python doesn't really care)... But considering they said they're just using the same 256-bit registers i'd have to wait and see how the implementation fairs. The AVX-512 extension is more than just the register size, for example.

That aside, i really quite like that the Ryzen line has been quite power efficient. Really loved the 3600 in particular. It's nice to hear that they aren't going the balls-to-the-wall approach to performance that intel took, even if the TDP has gone up overall. 220w is about as much as an RTX 3070...sheesh.

Will be interesting to see how the new generation fairs from both intel and AMD.