Anyone get this bug on the Store?


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Sep 4, 2009
Baltimore, MD
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A few days ago, I attempted to download the 'free' tv show UFC 200 Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt. Of course this fight doesn't happen till July 9, but I assumed it was a hype vid and wanted to DL it anyway. I click on the icon to download and then my store crashed. Ok, no problem, I go back to the store and attempt to redownload it and it crashes again. Go back to the store once more and attempted to go to my cart and delete the item since I can't download or anything and it makes my system crash.

I attempted to click on my cart at the top which shows 1 item in my cart and of course... it crashes. I even added the Street Fighter DLC to see if I could circumvent the mishap and nope, nothing works. So now I have 3 items in my cart on the PS4 I can't get rid of. If I look at the Playstation Store on a desktop, it doesn't even show anything in my cart. They only appear on the store for PS4. So I'm in an infinite loop where if I attempt to access my cart, it crashes my store so I can't buy or delete anything which is extra phony if I do say so myself.

Contacted the support but the guy couldn't help and just had a sloppy way of saying I'm SOL. This is definitely something on Sony's server side. Anyone have any ideas on what I might can do on my end? Attempted to rebuild the database, but that didn't work. I refuse to format my PS4 because its a hassle to put everything back. Don't got that kind of time. Or at least use that as a last result, but I doubt that solves anything since I assume this is a cloud issue.

Any help? I want to buy stuff off the PS4 store and not have to use the web store every time I wanna get something. Thanks in advance.