ASDA Number plate recognition


Master Guru
Dec 24, 2007
Earlier I was in ASDA just before mid-day, stayed there until just before 3. They have a 3 hours parking limit with number plate recognition on the entrance and exit, will a fine be sent to my home address?

Is it compulsory to pay the fine? Alot of people say it's just an invoice?

Any help would be appreciated since I don't feel like paying a fine I don't have the money for :\


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Dec 29, 2008
It's an invoice effectively.

By entering the car park you technically agree to the terms and conditions. If you did stay beyond 3 hours then they are billing you as such.

I would suggest returning the letter if one is sent with a photocopy of the receipt for your purchases and basically just say that if they take the matter any further you they will loose yours and your families custom. This is mostly for people who use the car park to then shop elsewhere, for example I use Traffords Asda when going to the Trafford centre because it's easier to get a spot and you don't have to walk as far but if you genuinely shopped at Asda for 3 hours and didn't just buy a pack of gum then go elsewhere they will likely in the interest of customer relations drop it.