Atlas Fallen - "Rise from Dust" Gameplay Reveal Trailer


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Sep 17, 2005
Atlas Fallen - "Rise from Dust" Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Atlas Fallen, the epic fantasy action-RPG from Focus Entertainment’s studio Deck13 Interactive, is excited to open pre-orders following the recent announcement of its May 16 release date. Get a feel of the high sensations to come in the game where you battle legendary creatures in superpowered combat with the Gameplay Reveal Trailer. In solo or with a friend, take on a heroic journey through a variety of breath-taking environments, swiftly gliding through the desert landscapes of a vast sand-covered world. Explore ancient ruins and unearth the mysteries and secrets of a fallen society. Fight a corrupt god and extraordinary beasts thanks to the divine power of your shape-shifting weapon. Unlock powerful skills and abilities to build a unique moveset and rise as the champion who will liberate the people of Atlas.
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