Bad Company devs address issues, Conquest Mode DLC soon


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Sep 15, 2007
Bad Company devs address issues, Conquest Mode DLC soon

Posted Jul 2nd 2008 8:00AM by Majed Athab
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DICE wants to let you know they're still working hard on improving Battlefield: Bad Company by fixing some issues that have popped up and also by adding some much desired content. DICE isn't goofing off here, the addition of a Battlefield series staple, Conquest Mode, is apparently almost done. DICE says it's "currently going through testing and certification." According to Shack News, this DLC will be free of charge.

Also, in case you've run into some bugs or problems, DICE is listening and is working on several issues. Here's a list they've laid out:
  • Clan support/private rooms/team chat
  • Auto balancing on servers
  • Continued support against stats exploits
  • VOIP issue on PS3 (working with Sony on this)
  • Squads might be split up when joining a server as a squad. This is due to team balancing in the games that are being joined, and usually resolves itself in round 2.
Looks like they are listening some.


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May 12, 2007
Good to know....I wonder how long it will take them to get this out? They should try to fix most of the issues before releasing Conquest IMO, adding another game mode now would destroy their servers......


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Apr 16, 2008
i dont have this game but was planning on getting it. one thing i dont understand is why didnt they include conquest mode in thegame during release. i mean i know they didnt because they would have to delay it and they couldnt make their money but now they have delayed me getting it if i do i might just rent since the online seemed to be a pain (ie team killing no chat and having to unload a whole clip into someone before they die) but good to see developers fixing issues relatively quickly.