Battlefield 4 performance test: What are your results?

Jun 25, 2013
The new update for BF4 implemented a network performance test that you run IN GAME from the options menu. This tells you and I guess the retards at DICE how the network is performing on your end or their end or both. It's hilarious reading the forums over at Battlelog. People with super mega ultra internet that they pay $100s for somehow get massive packet loss. And that's not all. Seems the test server is in.......Warsaw Poland! Not exactly sure what the fuck DICE expects to get from adding this test, other than massive amounts of threads calling "bullshit" at DICE's suggestion that the problem lies with the user's connection. So if you jump on, while in game in multiplayer pause the game, and go to options. From their click the R3 and wait for your results. Try to not have a melt down afterwards.


PSU Live Streamer
Sep 15, 2006
Fuck that! I am getting killed by people that are no where near me! Unless the kill cam is broken I am being shot by people across the map! The mini grenades have been nerfed, basically useless if I have to throw all 3 to kill someone.

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