"BDS" Boycott Israel Fail: Groups Use Israeli Technology


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Oct 17, 2007

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (ZF) has discovered that “pro-Palestinian” activists who promote Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) against Israel fail to practice what they preach.

Ironically, the ZF has discovered that some of these BDS groups used Israeli technology to build their anti-Israel websites. This is the latest example of “BDS fail”.

In a statement published Monday, ZF pointed out two websites run by anti-Israel groups which used Israeli technology.
These include the website of the Cornell University branch of a group calling itself “Students for Justice in Palestine”. The group’s campaigns, according to the website, include boycotting skincare products, soft drink manufacturers, and even hummus.
A second example is the “Palestinian Holocaust Museum” website, which presumably is opposed to any recognition of Israel since it promotes the baseless assertion that Zionists have committed genocide against Palestinian Authority Arab.

Ironically, ZF pointed out, both these websites were constructed using Wix, an Israeli website-building program based in Tel Aviv.

In 2011, when a woman in South African called for a boycott of a local pharmacy chain because it sold Dead Sea products made in Israel, the chain’s CEO responded with the following:
f it is your intention to boycott Israeli products, you need to be consistent if your gesture is to have any meaning. I hope you don’t use an Intel chip in your computer with which you probably wrote your e-mail because it was invented in Israel.

“I hope that you stay in good health because if you need preventative surgery against a heart attack, you will have to boycott the procedure because guess what? The stent was invented in Israel!

“Likewise, I hope you are never prescribed any patch for diabetes, to deliver medication and other drugs. If you are an asthmatic you may have to use a new type of inhaler (Spin) invented in Israel. So please check!

“Israel has given the world the system of drip irrigation which is being widely adopted in SA with water shortages like many countries. Should you boycott all fruit and vegetables grown by this method? The list that Israel has given the world is very lengthy. Check very carefully what you boycott.”