Bought a Microsoft Surface Book yesterday. My thoughts so far


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Nov 14, 2007
I decided to buy a Surface Book last night because I really like the idea of having the ability to use the screen like a tablet. Best part is that this is not a tablet and runs Windows 10 Pro, but does have an option to switch to tablet mode. That will use that crappy box layout that Windows 8 tried to force on you when it first came out.

The Surface Book has been out for a month now and a lot of the bugs have been fleshed out with a few system updates. Everything I did on my ASUS laptop, I can do on this Surface Book.

Like my Note 5 phone, I am able to use the pen that comes with this laptop and I can write out the web address I want to go to. Same goes for Googling or replying on forums and such. One of my favorite features of this laptop.

The Surface Book is quite elegant. It is very sturdy and feels like it is worth the price. I bought the $1500 model, which is the cheapest model they offer. This model is specifically for those who want to use the laptop for work purposes only. It will do photoshop but it will not be able to do the more gpu required tasks as this model Surface Book does not have the Nvidia GPU that the other models have.

I do not think this is worth $1500 to be honest. For this price I could have bought a really kick ass gaming laptop. The detachable screen is really why I went with this laptop.

The battery life of the Surface Book is about 3hrs while unattached to the base, and around 12-14hrs while attached. Both the base and the screen have their own battery.

Right now I would rate this laptop a 7/10. It is very sleek, thin, and easy to carry around. It does almost everything a regular laptop can do. The price is ridiculous in my opinion. But there just aren't many options for those who want a really good 2 in 1 laptop.