Bought the new HDR Playstation VR pass-through unit


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Nov 14, 2007
Today my Skyrim Playstation VR bundle arrived and it is a little different than the original model.

1. This unit supports HDR pass-through so you do not have to keep unplugging and swapping HDMI cables to enjoy HDR games on your PS4.

2. There is now just a single cable going from the VR headset to the VR box. It is also a much thinner cable than before.

3. Your earbuds now plug directly in to the VR headset instead of plugging in to the cables from the previous model. Everything is nice and clean now.

4. The PS Move controllers come with usb 2.0 ports like the DS4 controllers.

There are also some minor changes like the power button has moved and the volume controls are also not on the actual VR headset. I am not sure if the VR lenses have changed, but to me everything seems much more clearer than before.

For all the reasons alone I would suggest all previous PS VR owners sell or trade theirs in and upgrade the latest model. Right now the latest Skyrim bundle is just $349.99 as well.
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Nov 5, 2008
Hmm, I'm going to take a look at trade-in prices. If it's cheap enough to upgrade will definitely get it


Thanks for the info. Before I got one. What store do you get you ps stuff at. Or online with.