Brought my Motorstorm PS3 Bundle back from the dead


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Jun 21, 2008
A little over 9 months ago I thought my beloved Motorstorm PS3 bit the dust! It would not play any discs (Blu Ray, DVD , or CD) and I was not paying $150 for Sony to "maybe" send me my exact PS3 back, so I let it sit on a shelf. It sat and sat as I used my other PS3 (an 80GB as well but the two usb version) and an hour ago I finally decided to open up the "dead" PS3.

I figured I needed a new lens so I thought I should get a good look at the one in it so I knew for 100% certain which one to order. While I was in it I figured I should clean it up (Im a heavy smoker and it was full of dust/smoke dirt). After cleaning it up I then decided to use some contact lens cleaner on the lens just for the hell of it. I did that and went ahead and threw a Blu Ray movie in...and BAM!...Its working again:mrgreen:

I havent put a game in yet but a Blu Ray is a Blu Ray so im certain a game will work as well. Im very happy that its working but a lil upset I waited so long to try to clean it. Since my son was born I no longer smoke in the house so I wont have much to worry about as far as cleaning it again.