Brought PSVR to a party

Feb 16, 2007
A friend and I brought our PS4s + PSVRs to a party. It was a huge success, except for one girl who got really angry at her fiance for playing and complained loudly "WHY DO BOYS LIKE VIDEO GAMES!?" which made me a bit angry, especially since the sex distribution was pretty even that night, and pretty much everyone who tried it had fun.

In the main area, we had his PS4 with general audience games (Job sim + Playroom VR) and upstairs, we had some R rated games (Rush of Blood and Kitchen) as well as the shark encounter, since my friend didn't have VR worlds.

It was great. Huge success.

Anyhow, if you have PSVR or any VR for that matter, you should bring it to parties. People will love it provided you don't give them games with locomotion in it, and you can introduce people to something they may not have done.

I'm saying this because VR's future depends on us few early adopters to get people to try it. I've waited too long and love it too much to see my beloved VR fail because people have asinine, ignorant beliefs about it, and those go away when they've really gotten a chance to play it.
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Mar 27, 2006
Well, VR has been marketed heavily with the use of smartphones. I have yet to see an ad for PS VR though. There's only the "I love it, love it, love it" PS4 games sizzle ad.

I don't think VR is going to go away. If anything, it's just going to take a little longer for it to become mainstream popular in regards to video games.
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Apr 27, 2007
I was an early adopter as well. I really was blown away by VR when I got to try it in a Gamestop store. My wife loved it too. After the demo, the only question we had was, "When can I have one?" LOL.