Camera / system issue

Feb 16, 2007
My games were working flawlessly for hours, but suddenly, I started getting horrible jerkyness with my camera. I did the image check thing with all my lights out, and all that showed up dark were the headset and the controller. However, I moved my controller, and I noticed the video itself actually jerked into another place. I went into a camera setup thing outside of any game, without the headset, and found out it was doing the same thing. I unplugged the new camera and put the old one back in, and it worked fine for a few minutes, but then it started doing that again.

This will be unusable with camera lag, but if it's not specifically a VR problem, how am I supposed to fix it?

Before this camera problem showed up, I played every demo about 5 times, finished "Here they lie" (about 3 hours long) had perfect tracking in tumble and the heist, and watched a bunch of stuff in Hulu's virtual rooms (which was a great experience, by the way... I ended up playing with the toys in the rooms --like the popcorn and drink in the theater, and the beach ball at the beach-- more than watching my shows, but it was still fun) Then suddenly it bugs out.

Actually, I noticed that my PS4 has been lagging like that in general, even on the menu. It's like a demo kiosk.

EDIT: Fixed itself, but I sure hope this doesn't happen too often.
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Jun 2, 2006
If you put your PS4 into standby mode all the time, its best to do a full power cycle now and then also because like most things even your phone memory does not always get fully free up right and it slows the system.