Can you guys help get the word about my non-profit comic book around?


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Jul 16, 2008
Sorry if this is not allowed here. I used to be very active in this corner, and got into art because of making sigs on here! So I knew that you guys would be the best to come to for help/advice on getting the word around about my non-profit comic book "Wireman" that teaches urban youth how to read in a cool way!

If you donate 10$ you get a 10$ gift card to Dominoes for FREE! It is such a great deal, you get pizza for normal price, and get to support a cool comic!

However, I have had problems promoting it, and I am not sure we are going to reach our goal.

If you guys have any advice for good art/design places to share this info, I would really appreciate it!

You can learn all about Wireman here:
What Is Wireman?

Wireman is unique in the world of literacy instruction in that it seeks to 'hook' at-risk readers on a compelling story they can't put down as opposed to strengthening their skills through drills and exercises. Struggling readers see themselves and their world reflected back to them in the form of literature, many for the first time. As a long-time children's book author, almost exclusively with Random House Children's books, I collaborated with hundreds of story consultants from the struggling reader population (in jails, classrooms, and after-school programs) to craft a plot in whichWireman characters deal with the same issues the kids do.
With the help of amazing graphics, kids who read the first four comics will learn the 100 most common words in the English language. This comprises 50% of all written English. By the end of eight comics, kids know 65% of all written English.
And kids do read all eight of the comics. In fact, I didn't stop refining until the kids who neededWireman the most found it so compelling that they wanted to learn to read just to find out 'what happens next.’
Please help me help these smart, creative kids reach their full potential with this low-cost, outside-the-box alternative to skill and drill methods.
To hear their testimony for yourself, visit my YouTube channel. To download the first two issues free to try out on your struggling reader, visit
Wireman's Critical Role in Literacy Instruction

There are states that predict their future prison needs on elementary-aged children's reading scores. Illiteracy is highly correlated with delinquency and incarceration. My dream has been to use my skills as a literary writer and production editor to craft stories that really resonate with this amazing population of young people.
Teachers and students are hungry for tools that help them do what they are supposed to do – teach and learn. In addition to using motivation and a 'real-life setting,' for kids, Wireman draws on ways kids are smart to help them overcome other reading challenges. Here's an example of how Wireman helps kids with dyslexia or ESL. Speaking of drawing, our art instruction pages at the back of each comic teach figure and object drawing and encourage kids to create their own comics, as you'll see in this video. It's a wonderful interdisciplinary tool.
In addition to writing books, I have a long-standing and proven track record of helping kids at-risk by making stories come alive. Check out 'Souled Out' and 'Tillie Ride' for other examples.
Where the Money Goes

I donate my time to create these comics. But I need $9,700 to pay the artists for Volume 3, many of whom are art students that we mentor (one strengthened his own reading skills with Wireman).
Sketch artwork for Volume 3 comics
16 pp per volume, plus inside back cover art instruction=
68 pp @$125 per page--$8,500
4 color covers @$300 each--$1,200
Spanish translation by HomeBoy Industries--$700
Reprint 3,000 sets (4 comics in each set) of Volume 1--$4,976
Postage/Mailing Costs--$275
Total $15,651
Currently, there are 8 issues of Wireman (Vols. 1 and 2). Young readers have gotten to the second grade level at the end of Volume 2. We need to keep creating Wireman until students have achieved the 5/6 grade reading level. At that point, they would be able to read newspapers, instruction manuals and other texts that would allow them to participate in our civic democracy.
After years of trying to go through traditional channels, I feel the best way to help Wireman reach its target audience is to seed it in schools. Each year, we want to offer a set number of interested and motivated classrooms the chance to try Wireman for free in exchange for making short videos about how Wireman has helped them. I have 3,000 more sets of Volume 2 than Volume 1, so $4,976 would be to reprint Volume 1 so even more kids can get caught reading.
We also want to provide Wireman in Spanish and cover the postage costs for mailing out the volumes.
Any funds we make in excess of our goal will go toward funding Volume 4 and printing Volume 3. Thank you so much for your help!
Other Ways to Help

If you cannot contribute, but would like to help, there are several things you can do:

  • Help me get the word out by sharing this campaign with others who might be able to help. Use the Indiegogo share tools or your own methods.
  • Like the Wireman Comics Facebook page to stay up-to-date!
  • Like my author Facebook page.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  • Direct teachers who are interested in piloting Wireman to my website.
  • Most importantly, ask your favorite librarians and schools to stock Wireman which you can purchase at Go there to download the first two issues FREE to show them how cool it is.

On behalf of struggling readers everywhere, I thank you deeply for any help you can give us.
*Domino's Gift Card terms: You hereby agree to allow Sue Stauffacher to provide to Domino’s Pizza LLC (“Domino’s”) your name and email address for the sole purpose of delivering Domino’s Gift Cards as Wireman Comics Literacy Project’s Campaign Perks. Domino’s will not use your name or email address for any other purpose, including for marketing and/or mailing list purposes.

Remember, if you would like to donate 10$, you will receive a free 10$ dominoes gift card. (It is not limit one per customer, so you can get as many as you can)

Donation site is here (Indiegogo Wireman Page)

Thank you for any donation, or for just reading about our comic. The first two issues are completely free so feel free to check them out. We hope to make it all free soon!

If you have any free time, a tweet or a facebook share would be amazing :)

Thanks for you time!

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