Can you Share videos to twitter? or only pics?


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Nov 15, 2006
I was trying to upload some videos today and I had only linked my FB account, but then I added twitter and wanted to share there instead, but it still only gives me the option to share to FB. Is there something I'm missing or a setting someplace?



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Feb 11, 2009
you could upload videos to TWITTER, just hit share button on youtube or when you connect your youtube to your twitter account

and when you comment on the video you are watching. It would be posted to your twitter account with the video link and the video

But since all the fucking bullshit over the way youtube has configured the comment section and other stuff.

It has made it near impossible to post on your twitter account via youtube... This is the problem i am having

I watch a guy called gopher and his lets playd and i have watched over 240 off his videos and commented on all videos and it only showws 175 videos on my facebook and twitter account

But it seems all comments on my current videos are going direct to my google+ account, even though my facebook and twitter accounts are connect

Morons they are