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Do you think PS3 should been given second life with a sub studio of Sony's Choosing?

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Mar 31, 2021
What advancements we have seen in the PS3 community I almost feel like we are the last group of Zion in the Matrix. We fought and the system listened and gave us Netflixs Access. So if you were not aware Netflix is working on the PS3 along with a few other applications that have been give new life. Now that I am 35 and was groomed on the Sony Playstation platform since DAY 1 I just wanted to give Sony some real kudos for listening and solidifying the Japanese, U.S Market. I begun investing in Sony just this year because I finally saw more than just a corporation but an active entity cohabitating with its surrounding fauna. Yes PS3 gamers still exist and we are respected by Sony and will continue to purchase applications as they become available. DEV teams you still have a market of Niche gamers who believe in the Reality Synthesizer GPU on the PS3 and will not stop enjoying this PC gaming disruptor called PS3. I smell a retro revolution after these chip shortages we should learn from this.