Capcom wants your opinion on a remake of Resident Evil 2


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Nov 11, 2007
It seems as though fans' prayers may be on the cusp of being answered as Resident Evil developer Capcom has opened the floor to a remake of the series' flagship second entry.

Discussed in a Facebook post on the series' official page, Capcom has asked fans to voice an 'honest and frank' opinion on what direction a potential remake of Resident Evil 2 should take. Given the fact that the Japanese publishing behemoth is seemingly unsure of acting upon the idea, it's refreshing to see that it's enlisting the help of the series' ever-strong fan base to explore the possibility.

Much like a lot of the core fan base, PlayStation Universe would absolutely love a remake in a similar vein of 2002's Resident Evil remake - that is, fixed camera angles, updated backgrounds, new animations, and a refreshed soundtrack. And throw in a remake of Resident Evil 3 since we're feeling greedy.

Check out a screen cap of the post below.

And with the HD Remaster of 2002's Resident Evil remake comfortably surpassing the one million sales mark some three months ago it seems as if Capcom's finally tempted to explore the proverbial treasure trove that is its back catalogue. And we wouldn't be adverse to it provided it's handled with the utmost care.

Have your say on Capcom's Facebook here.

How would you like Capcom to handle a Resident Evil remake? Would you prefer an over-the-shoulder, more action-orientated title or a classic Resident Evil in the mold of 2002's remake of the original?
Yes, please! In the same mold as the 2002 remake, naturally.

Survival Horror

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Jan 25, 2015
Guys this is a rumor that i ll become grandfather and still will have this hope !! One is this and the other is finally to touch the box of The Last Guardian !!:p Out of jokes, a serious remake of Resident Evil 2,3 and Code Veronica would be one of the best things that Capcom could do. If they look like Resi 1 and Zero especially will have another 3 diamonds in our collection.


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Sep 6, 2012
Uppsala, Sweden
YES! I'd buy in a second. I'd like pretty much the same game, except in 3d person, free 360 camera, and better graphics. Maybe add a few new things to the story line. Make it a bit longer. I'm totally sold no matter what they do though.
Jun 4, 2007
Yes, a full remake. Leave the set cam and add walk and shoot. I want them to keep prerendered(I think I'm using the right term) backgrounds but make it up to date;highest quality possible due to the power of current consoles/pc.