Certain aspects make this multiplayer extremely frustrating. (Black Ops 2)


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Jul 2, 2007
I'm a huge Call of Duty fan. I love the series, it's one of my favorites and I will be that person who will buy the new CoD every year it comes out.

In all my years of playing this series, Black Ops 2 has the MOST frustrating multiplayer. Let me give you a short list of what annoys me:

Quick Scopers - Extremely easy to do, takes no skill. Half the time the cross hairs won't even be on the player and they still get hit.

Target Finders - Don't you love playing those matches with people who camp in corners and head glitch with target finders?

Tactical Insertion - I've never seen so many people using these so much in the previous CoD's.

C4 - This doesn't need explanation. Being in an epic gun battle against an enemy then all of a sudden they throw a C4 at you. WHY?! Just fight me one on one please!

EMP Grenades - Cool concept, however, the effects of the EMP grenade last way too long. Flash Bangs and Concussion grenades last just a few seconds, while EMP grenades last easily 3-4x more.

What about this game frustrates you?


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Dec 3, 2007
In the bushes.
Well, with emp nades, if they lasted just as long as flash / concussion they would be completely useless. I already think they're a bit crappy.
Tactical insertion hasn't been a problem to me, I don't find it being used all that often.

The other points though, annoy me to no end.