Change view and player online replay??


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Nov 20, 2006
Can you change the view and also the players when watching online replays?
Reason I'm asking is that on single player you can do that, yet on this online replay I can't seem to do it :( and I'm recording a race me and some others from PSU were on earlier on monza and I was think of testing out a TV style where you change from one car to another and also onboard footage :)

Edit: Nevermind it's letting me now, I think maybe it just glitched or something but it's sorted now so expect a good race video within this week after I've editted it :)
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Mar 1, 2009
Oshawa, Ontario
You can change player by clicking on the little camera button at the top right. Unfortunately you can't change view like single player replays though. You're stuck with cinematic view for online. I don't understand why they didn't allow view changes for online replays or for people spectating. While we're on the subject GT3 splitscreen had a cinematic replay when the race was over that followed whichever player was in the lead. I wish GT5 had that as well.