Christmas Bloody Christmas - Official Trailer


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Sep 17, 2005
Christmas Bloody Christmas - Exclusive Trailer

It’s Christmas Eve and fiery record store owner Tori Tooms just wants to get drunk and party until the robotic Santa Claus at a nearby toy store goes haywire and makes her night more than a little complicated. Santa Claus begins a rampant killing spree through the neon-drenched snowscape against a backdrop of drugs, sex, metal, and violence, ultimately forcing Tori into a blood-splattered battle for survival against the ruthless heavy metal Saint Nick himself. The cast includes Riley Dandy, Sam Delich, Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Dora Madison, Jeremy Gardner, with Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Abraham Benrubi. Writer-director Joe Begos' Christmas Bloody Christmas opens in theaters and is streaming on Shudder on December 9, 2022.