Chrono Trigger is now available on PC


Extreme Poster
Mar 27, 2006

Chrono Trigger is available now on Steam, priced at £11.99. However, there's something of a major caveat here that fans of the SNES and DS versions might want to be aware of before parting with their money. This PC release is a direct port of the mobile version, which means that it features some of the more unpopular elements of the iOS and Android games - including an unsightly, amateurish interface, and questionable visual "enhancements".

At the time of writing, Chrono Trigger on Steam has managed to amass a 'Mostly Negative' rating, with reviewers reporting various issues with the PC port, including a clumsy pseudo-touch interface, stuttering, screen tears, no option to play the game in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, and no option to remove the applied sprite-softening filter.
I would stick to playing the SNES and DS versions personally.