Cleaning up my ps3 bACklog


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Feb 2, 2018
In an effort to cleanup my ps3 backlog of games and with my current hype around AC4, I've decided to give the previous titles in the series a proper run through. I'm sure it probably baffles people that I'm hyped for AC4 not having really played through the series, but the open world pirate theme and the assistance they received from the team that made farcry3 (one of my fav games this gen) are major driving factors. I had originally only owned AC1, played it briefly but it didn't pull me away from the addition I had to WoW at the time (7ish year addiction which is what caused this ps3 game backlog). Regardless of the attention WoW was getting, the inner console gamer in me still bought ps3 games as they released. Now that WoW is no longer a factor in my life, I've got dozens of games to play through (and only a couple months till ps4)...85 retail I think was my last total, though that list is shrinking with everyone I finish.

Anyway, I now own AC1, Ezio Trilogy and AC3. Having just finished AC1 and now beginning AC2 I'm curious what the community thinks about Brotherhood and Revelations and whether or not I should bother with them, or just go straight into AC3? Typically I don't bother with spinoff titles and just stick to games that fall properly in the numerical sequence. But are those 2 games big and bold enough to be worth my time?

As it stands now, I actually really enjoyed AC1. Though the parts with Desmond seemed pointless....leave animus, go to bed, wake up, go back into animus. Did that really need to happen lol. Now that I'm starting AC2 I'm feeling more of a story with his character so far, and the much needed polish AC1 was lacking appears to be in AC2.

All I've been hearing is how much the community tends to feel AC3 was the worst installment. I'll get there and see for myself what all the fuss is about soon. Gotta say though, this series as a whole has an amazing soundtrack. Listening to the AC3 main theme as I type this at work lol.