Come on Rockstar - WTF is going on?!


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Mar 2, 2008
[QUOTE="rikwakefield, post: 0]I wouldn't mind if it was only affecting a small proportion of users, but the PS3 issue where no-one can even be connected to PSN in order to play single player is widespread and serious.[/QUOTE]
I can connect to the network and still play single-player fine. I had one incident where I couldn't, and that was the day after release. Other than that, GTAIV has been working great.

[QUOTE="rikwakefield, post: 0]They're probably too busy counting our money.[/QUOTE]
That joke has been used already. Get a new one, hippie.


[QUOTE="radgamer420, post: 0]My 360 version goes online with no problems. Lots of people on live but my PS3 version forget it. I havent heard of anybody not being able to get on live. Rockstar and Sony need to step up. I bought both versions so I could play with my PSN friends as well. If they dont fix it soon I'll just keep playing GTA on live and trade in my PS3 version.[/quote]

How is Rockstars crappy game a Sony problem?


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Jun 3, 2007
I cant believe some people accuse Sony of this?! WTF No other game has had this kind of problems. And we know the Bully on Xbox had problems. Also people say this GTA4 freeze is not only on PS3,its on 360 too. I would like to know the estimated number of 360 GTA4 freezes.

It doesnt matter how many problems there are.What matters is that they are present and its not a fault of consoles because people play other games normally.
Even if Rockstar makes a patch how will a person with no internet download it? Thats the problem.On the box it doesnt say it requires internet so people are screwed.Rockstar screwed them.

And another thing.If Rockstar wasnt aware of this before and still doesnt have a fix then who will? If a so big and skilled company like Rockstar has been unpleasantly surprised by this then I think they will never fix it. Thats why they post fixes like turning media server,information board,... There isnt a fix I believe.

I have been playing it since launch and everything worked fine till yesterday. Then it froze on me. I had to reinstall it twice to make it working. That means that everybody can have freezes. ANYBODY. Who knows whats the problem.It may be hardware or software or combination.

Again if Rockstar was unaware of this... They are clearly know their buissnes with computer hardware and Sony,Microsoft. All of them are clueless. Its really scary. Who knows what might happen in the future.


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Oct 2, 2005
yea, it is frustrating indeed because I have the game in my hands and still have yet to play the damn thing, keeps getting stuck at the first intro... so I gave up trying to play it until they do something about it... I think this is more of a R* fault than it is Sony, for shipping a game that they couldn't do a proper check to make sure it runs great on BOTH consoles.


They are working on the problem, but here is a dose of reality:
-Most gamers are still focussed on finishing the single player
-Most people who have used the logout og PSN option have very stable gameplay

If it ain't fixed a week from now we will have a problem...
Apr 7, 2008
They are just waiting until TakeTwo is consumed by EA, then it will be EA's problem. haha j/k

Hopefully something will be done by the 18th, when I return from vacation. I can deal with the single player until the 9th when I leave.

adzzz man

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Apr 16, 2008
R* need to fix this because i know alot of people who are taking there GTA IV back to the shop and trading it in
Nov 6, 2006
There is maybe a small chance Sony had a hand in this. It is no secret the amount of SKUs Sony had put out can lead to R* having a hard time isolating the issue. As the issue isn't universal for ALL SKUs, some people have experienced it on some versions while some people haven't. I have so far, a launch 20 GB SKU and it works fine for me. So far the universal fix seems to be disabling PSN but R* hasn't figured out the individual issue for each SKU.

Hopefully, they find out what is causing the problem and fix it. GTA 4 is a wicked game .