Cool trailer/bad movie

Jul 18, 2016
I was thinking about this today. Trailers obvs show the best parts, but what awesome trailer made you see a movie, only to be disappointed? Prometheus is the first that i thought about.


I think A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) is one of movie has good trailer but worse movie. Anyone who bought a ticket to see A Good Day to Die Hard knew damn well what they were getting: nothing but shootouts, explosions, death-defying stunts, and Bruce Willis' snarky one-liners. And, to be fair, that's exactly what the sequel's narratively challenged director, John Moore, delivered—except that, in a bombastic slog that hopefully signaled the end of a once-awesome franchise, Willis can't muster the excitement needed to sell its artificial charms.At least Moore and company were able to mask their star's lackadaisicalness in the brief but hard-hitting trailer. Not to mention, lure drooling male adolescents into the multiplex by showing a quick glimpse of gorgeous co-star Yulia Snigir hopping off a motorcycle, unzipping her coat, and walking around in a bra—an image that, sorry, isn't even in the actual movie. Sex sells, indeed.


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Oct 19, 2006
Suicide Squad. Except the reviews started rolling in before I could watch it. Ghost in the Shell.

Also; what movies AREN'T getting spoiled these days? Star Wars maybe. Definitely not Blade Runner 2049.