Could we see Dragon Quest VR on PS VR?


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Mar 27, 2006

Gameplay begins 50 seconds into the trailer.

Dragon Quest VR lets players form a party of two Warriors, one Priest, and one Mage, equipped with a sword, shield, or staff developed specifically for the game, and venture out into the world with a mission from the king to defeat the Demon Lord Zoma. Players will be able to attack using the sword and spells like “Frizz” and “Heal” to repel the monsters that appear along the way. The game starts at the “Gates to the Kingdom,” and from there plays out via three stages: “The Grasslands,” “The Mountain Foot,” and “Zoma’s Castle.” A healslime named Homily (voiced by Lynn) will act as the player’s navigator.

Dragon Quest VR will launch at the VR Zone Shinjuku amusement space in Tokyo on April 27. An opening event will be held on April 25.
I'm already planning to get Dragon Quest XI for PS4 but this looks pretty cool too.
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Feb 16, 2007
I kind of think Squ'eenix doesn't get VR. Know what I'd love? Mervils-like DQB VR game with optional first person mode that became more like Minecraft. I'd pay good money for that if I had money to pay.

EDIT: Sorry, went by the second vid. Didn't realize this was an in-person group thing. That's really cool, but not as cool as a normal DQ game in full VR, though.

EDIT #2: I was about to say how much I agreed with that last poster before I realized that was me. Wonder what happened to my avatar? Off topic, but still.
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