Crysis Presentation Tonight - Live at Campus Party !!!

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Sep 18, 2005
Crysis Presentation Tonight - Live at Campus Party

Crysis will be on demonstration tonight, live at Campus Party in Valencia, Spain. While it’s expected that the levels will be the same as at E3, Crytek have apparently made some refinements since. The system to run Crysis will be as follows: Asus A8R32-MVP, 2x Gigabit-LAN, SATA II compatible RAID with Crossfire Graphical Cards: 2 ASUS Radeon X1900XT (512MB).

The presentation will be in two parts commencing at

6pm (CEST) tonight (27 July)

Campus Party have live cams however there doesn’t seem to be one in the Developers area. There are about eleven cams in total so we may get lucky. We will do our best to get some footage from after the presentation.

To view, visit Campus Party and select “03 Campus TV”
OMG, lookin' at my clock which says right now: 6pm
OMG, lookin' at my calendar which says today: 27 July

HURRY UP, GUYS! The presentation is about to begin right now...

Hmm, dont get the video stream...cant click on the start button...
somebody gotta help me, plz...i have everything activated, Java, Active X, and what not...maybe the video stream isnt set up yet...
Tell me if you get a video stream from this 03 Channel TV...
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