CW Plans "Friday the 13th" TV Series


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Sep 10, 2005
Story sounds quite interesting, so many new shows starting.

The CW is officially developing a horror/crime thriller series based on the long-running slasher film franchise "Friday the 13th".

Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, creators of the 1990s NBC series "The Pretender," are developing the property which aims to reimagine the masked Jason Voorhees in a more grounded and realistic context.

The story will deal with the ongoing quest of a detective's search for his missing brother, a search tied to a long thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake.

Legion of Leia has further plot details which says Crystal Lake isn't a remote woods area now. Instead it's a thriving town full of young rich types and old regulars who grew up there.

Their source says: "It's like the town from Jaws. It's like Amityville 20 years later, and someone says, 'I think the shark is back.' Everyone is like, 'Oh, s--t. We can't have the shark back, we finally grown up as a town and we have all this mythology, but it ruined our city.'"

The series won't ignore the film's either: "We're going to basically acknowledge that the people came to this town after these killings happened, and they made all these movies. And now the town has a stigma. Our show is, here's the true story. Here's the real story of Jason. It's been taken and exploited. So we have the young crowd who doesn't know who he is except for what they've seen in the movies. The older crowd is afraid of him. We have a lot of people who have scars from him."

This marks one of several film-based TV shows in development at The CW with others including "The Notebook," "Little Women" and "Frequency" along with the Archie Comics inspired "Riverdale".