DarkVincent07 (Jim) YouTube Channel


Trying not to break stuff...
Mar 4, 2008
Hey guys!

I've noticed other members have threads about their YouTube channels here and thought I may as well add mine!

It is pretty much just me voicing my opinion on gaming stuff, sharing my collection and gameplay too!

I have tonnes of PlayStation centered content and plenty more to come. I try to upload about a video a week but I really want to share here to get feedback on my vids :)

Some of them can be a bit long, I do tend to get carried away sometimes haha, but this latest one is what I think about the PS4 after owning it for 1 year, as well as impressions on all the games I've played.

[video=youtube;X8ld87FHxY0]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8ld87FHxY0&list=UU0ZuTlHG3a8VbizXBdLwyEA& channel=DarkVincent07[/video]

Thanks for checking out the thread I appreciate it, leave me any feedback or videos you'd like to see in future!