Dead To Rights Retribution Trophy Guide & Roadmap.


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Oct 20, 2009
Dead To Rights: Retribution's Trophy Guide & Roadmap - by nickmeds.

- Offline: 51.
- Online: 0.
- Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10.
- Estimated time for Platinum: 10-20 hours.
- Number of playthroughs: 1 1/2.

This is not a hard platinum, by any means. To get this the quickest way, I recommend doing your first playthrough on Detective. It will save you time down the road, so you won't have to play through the game two complete times.

Just Like Dad Would Have Done, Bronze.
Complete the game on any difficulty. Pretty straight forward, just complete the game.

Best Cop This City's Ever Had, Silver.
Complete the game on Officer difficulty. This is DTRR's Normal difficulty.

Retribution, Gold.
Complete the game on Detective difficulty. This is DTRR's Hard difficulty. These trophies stack, so if you complete it on Detective, you'll get the ones for Officer and any also. It's not that as difficult as you may think on Detective, just use cover and aim for the head.

Crossing The Line, Bronze.
Defeat the Enforcer with a takedown. On Mission 1, you'll encounter the Union Enforcer. Attack him until you have a prompt to press X. Press X at this time and you'll do a takedown and you'll unlock this easy trophy.

Shown The Ropes, Bronze.
Complete the fight with Frank. You will be in a boxing ring with Frank at this time. Complete all these tasks and ring the bell.

Shad-Owned, Bronze.
Perform a Silent Kill with Shadow. Pretty simple, use L2 to toggle "Sneak" mode. Make sure the enemy doesn't see you and you have the option to press X to sneak attack. Press X and you'll attack him, and unlock this.

Smile You Son of a.., Bronze.
Take out a GAC Tank. You will first meet a GAC Tank in Mission 6 after a short cutscene introducing him. Shoot the yellow canister on his back until he explodes. From what I heard, use the sniper rifle on the canister to kill him more efficently.

That's What You Gets, Bronze.
Kill an enemy by knocking or throwing him off a ledge. After taking down the enforcer and heading up the elevator, you will be taught about disarms. Here, you'll need to clinch and take an enemy hostage. Move to the railing and hit X and up on the LS and you'll kick the enemy over the rail.

Got Your GAC, Bronze.
Take a GAC Hostage. You'll first come across the GAC in Mission 5. Get one of the GAC in the clinch and then hit square to take him hostage.

Get Ready For A Surprise, Bronze.
Leap over and kick an enemy from cover. When you're going for "That's What You Gets", take cover behind a block or the flat side of a couch, and jump over. If you do this when an enemy is on the other side, you'll unlock it.

Brawler, Bronze.
Complete any mission without firing a shot. Do this on Mission 1 under Cadet. Use disarms to take their gun, then use hand to hand to knock them out. Pretty simple.

Featherweight, Bronze & Heavyweight, Silver.
Perform 200 3-hit combos, Perform 100 5-hit combos. You can get both of these against Frank in the boxing ring. Don't hit the bell when you're done, just keep going.

NOTE: Sorry guys. My UFC Demo just finished downloading and I'm going to play that and go to bed. I'll finish this list up in the morning.