Demo's to many demos


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Oct 5, 2005
So here i am a video game "addict" since the age of like 7-8 now 26 working 10-12 hour days a wife and kid i enjoy 4x4ing playing guitar and drinking i get maybe 2 hours a week that i can devote to gaming yet i have like 10 demos i have never played downloaded on my ps3 ....
so many games i want to try yet time is a huge factor i still haven't finished GTA:IV and not because i don't like it but because i don't have time...

am i getting to old for gaming.. i know i am not any more mature then i was when i was 7 (LOL) but i just don't have the time any more i wish i did maybe i just need a holiday from work and devote half the time to gaming?

I can not for the life of me keep up with the demos i know so many people complain that the updates are lame or lackluster but for me they are to much.
it isn't even just having time to play it is if i even get the chance to download the demos ...i feel so .. grown up..

someone come take over my life for like a week so i can catch up on what i missed.

anyone else in this same boat?
Nov 28, 2004
just dont take it as such a big deal. its a free time activity, not a duty. when you have the time play but if you dont its like not you're boss is going to ask you for a case report on act 4...just play for fun when you can and even think about it

and i love all the free demo's i've downloaded almost every single one