GENERAL Devil May Cry 5 - E3 2018 trailer


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Mar 27, 2006

We’ve had plenty of supposed evidence of Devil May Cry 5 being a reality, and with E3 2018 just mere days away, the evidence continues to mount.

Thanks to some clever sleuthing on the DMC Discord by user The Palemoon, a seemingly official website domain for Devil May Cry 5 has been registered fairly recently.

Now I know what you’re thinking, anyone can register a domain, and The Palemoon thought the same, so they hauled up plenty of evidence to back up its validity.

So as the title says, domain was recently registered, on 2018-05-18 to be exact, indicating that it will soon be revealed for the long rumored Devil May Cry 5.

Fairly innocuous by itself, but going deeper shows this.

This is a legitimate internet provider company in Japan, that in itself isn’t particularly relevant, it’s relation to Capcom sites, however, is.

As you can see above, this company is responsible for registering domains of recent Capcom titles.

The most interesting thing to note is that all of the recent titles were registered shortly before their official reveal. So the whispers of Dante rocking up at E3 seem to hold some weight.

Not long till we find out now!

10 years since Devil May Cry 4 was released on PS3 so this would be a pleasant surprise for fans of the series.
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Mar 27, 2006
I think it kinda depends on what you mean by screw up? You think DMC4 was a screw up? Or the latest kinda mediocre DmC?
I think he was referring to the reboot, which I've read people praise its gameplay and level design despite criticism for Dante's new look.

I was never really a fan of the series though. I first played Devil May Cry 3 but always died within the first few minutes so I'd be lying if I said I had fond memories of classic Dante.
Jun 4, 2007
I didnt like the reboot and its artstyle

I don't know what to feel about dmc5. It seems like capcom mixed the old with the new(at least nero design).


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Aug 21, 2008
Not a fan of Nero's design should of made his hair longer it's too short as well as the girl looks like something out of a budget Dead Rising. Dante on the other hand I don't mind it's hard to tell with his hair from the trailer if it's dark like Noctis hair or like a real dark grey.

If this doesn't do well and personally I think Capcom should of got Platinum Games to make it. The one thing I do like and that's the logo.