Devs cancel Halo Infinite Couch Co-Op & Next Season Delayed


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Sep 17, 2005
Halo Infinite Forge Mode Gets November Release Date, But Split-Screen Co-op Cancelled

Fans of Halo Infinite have spent the past few days deliriously anticipating the game’s next roadmap, hoping it’d outline salvation for the floundering multiplayer shooter. Today, 343 Industries unveiled its plans: a wave of delays, a handful of imminent updates, a promised feature canceled. Needless to say, fans are bummed.


Today, after months of delays and optimistic suggestions, Microsoft and 343 Industries have walked back that pledge. The game's campaign is no longer slated to ever receive a split-screen mode for friends to share on the same couch. The news came as part of a 30-minute Thursday presentation about upcoming Halo Infinite updates, which additionally confirmed that online campaign co-op is now scheduled to debut on November 8 alongside the highly requested "Forge" editing suite (used by fans to create and share new maps, custom gameplay modes, and other community content).