DF: In Theory, Can 4K DLSS Really Work On Next-Gen Switch Pro?


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Sep 17, 2005
In Theory: Can 4K DLSS Really Work On Next-Gen Switch Pro?

A next generation Switch is in development and Nvidia DLSS upscaling is widely tipped to become a part of the spec, radically improving visuals for docked play. But the question is this: can mobile silicon handle DLSS? What kind of impact to performance would it have? And can mobile 720p graphics upscaled to 4K actually look decent on a living room display? Alex Battaglia investigates.


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Oct 8, 2007
Personally, i'd be surprised if they have tensor cores and they dont use it for both docked and undocked. Otherwise, you're literally burning a not insignificant chunk of the silicon to circuitry you aren't even gunna use. So you might as well forego the ability to do dlss and run with more shader units if that yields better results overall. A GPU clocked low still uses all of the hardware.

Personally, i wouldn't be surprised if the undocked ran in quality mode (with a resolution closer to it's native), and the docked doing performance with the idea of hitting big screens. Tensor cores are rubbish at scalar math, so you'd have to make use of them somehow to warrant the space they take up (assuming they even have tensor cores that is).