Digital Foundry updates their performance data presentation


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Oct 8, 2007
If anyone recalls a few months back (many months back in fact), DF put out a bunch of graphs which i had a go at. They were the kinda garbage 3D nonsense you see at a marketing presentation. Not something you use to actually present data with.

With Eurogamer getting a redesign, the DF team also updated the way they present data to the user, and for my part, the inclusion of box and whisker diagrams is a stellar addition!

Never understood why people used graphs to represent frame data. They were good for looking at a max value, but not much else!

Admittedly, for a console title the graphs are going to look odd, but for the PC presentations this puts DF (imho) heads above every other site out there in terms of presenting their findings to the user (perhaps behind the likes of PCper).

Here's hoping they can also add a frame-time for the box plot as the graph helps visualise this even better!
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