Does anyone else feel like the cut-scenes are short and few ?

Aug 1, 2007
The scenes are so few and short compared to previews Final Fantasy Games (( expect FFXII )).

I miss the long cut-scenes they were in FFVII - FFVIII - FFIX - FFX...

IMO FF is all about the good quality story... but now it feels like SE is heading for the direction to ( less story - much much more gameplay ), to please these who ***** about how they don't give a damn about the story and they Just want to play a game.

What do you think?

BTW only those who reached Chapter 5 and above comment.. they will know why I asked this.


Elite Sage
Mar 22, 2007
They are definitely short but i wouldn't say few, there's plenty of them! The length is like FFXII length but the frequency of them is like FFX

Also i think your way off the mark with SE's intentions, FFXIII is more story driven structurally than any FF before it, they're definitely not trying to take attention away from it