Does the forum fellow still play the MGS HD Collection?


Jun 27, 2008
I'm still addicted to playing both games on this single disc. The nostalgia wins all the time would anybody else agree?
Jun 16, 2013
Is this game on PS Now? I would play it if it were available on the PS4. We do have an Xbox One at my apartment and I know it's backwards compatible now, so I might give it a go on that.

Reason being, I absolutely loved MGS2. The first two MGS games were brilliant. However, I never could get into MGS3 despite many people claiming it to be the best. All I really wanted out of that game was a radar, because I am not big into stealth. But I really want to like it, and every so often I force myself to play it until eventually giving up. It's held me back from playing the other games, because I refuse to put time into the other games until I can finally beat MGS3...

I'm weird, I know.


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Mar 27, 2006
I like Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 for their settings, moody colors, plot twists, and music. Not to say that Metal Gear Solid 3 isn't also fun to play with an interesting story but it is a prequel with a different kind of atmosphere. I do remember a time when my dad commented on the bad Russian to English translations (asking what is a "milk apple") in Snake Eater.
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