Dreams will let you build and share your own PS VR games


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Mar 27, 2006
According to new details published in games magazine Edge, Media Molecules' astonishingly ambitious PS4 title Dreams will let players create and share their own PSVR games.

Late last year, Sony confirmed that Dreams would include "limited" PSVR support, but Edge's new cover feature (as spotted by Reddit) is more specific. It states that Create mode - the portion of Dreams that lets players build environments and objects, and turn them into game-like experiences - will be fully compatible with PSVR. As such, not only will it be possible to create VR experiences, other people's virtual reality dreams will be playable too.

However, the magazine reiterates earlier reports that VR support won't be available at launch, but will instead arrive "at some point in the future".

Edge also notes that Media Molecule has plans in place to prevent creations featuring graphic violence or sexual content from being shared online. Algorithmic curation, Sony's tools, and a "willing community" will be key to keeping things clean, it says.

Curtailing the dedicated efforts of online filth-wizards is notoriously difficult, of course. Consider the ill-fated Lego Universe - an online construction game for PC that ultimately collapsed under the weight of its user-generated dongs.

Media Molecule's long-awaited Dreams is set to release later this year, dong-free.
Feb 16, 2007
Back when LBP1 came out, they didn't quote deliver on their initial promises but LBP was still pretty awesome. LBP2 basically delivered on all the promises they made for LBP1. I expect something similar here. It'll still be great, and people will create lots of amazing stuff for it, but at least the first release won't be quite what they're promising.

I will admit, I've never quite understood why ostensibly straight male trolls draw so many dongs. I mean, why wouldn't they be drawing nude women? Breasts and vulvae? Not male genitalia. Once, as a child, I had discovered that femals had innies instead of outies, I'm not sure i ever drew another penis again... Until life art class and I didn't have a choice.

I'll add I won't be getting it until there's VR support.


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Sep 17, 2005
Pretty fascinating stuff. I haven't checked out Dreams yet, but planning on trying it out when the PS5 launches. I might jump into VR too when Sony releases their next rendition of the VR headset / controls.