Early adopter first impressions and Driveclub VR


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May 23, 2015
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Mmmmmm. ...shiny new toy! I leapt head first into the VR ecosystem without even a try before you buy mentality. Setup of the VR headset was easy enough, just get used to a lot of wires! I won't elaborate on this as the setup guide is very simple.

Once on my first go was with the included demo disc; as a diver ocean descent was the natural starter. OMFG this was both awesome and majorly trippy at the same time! Graphically it's pretty good, I wasn't expecting perfect and didn't get it but it was more than serviceable.

Then onto driveclub, as a season pass holder I'd already pre purchased this at the reduced price. It's no secret that DC is one of my favourite PS4 games and with my T300RS wheel this was really what I wanted VR for.

Bad point first, graphics. Normal DC is a solid 10/10 even the detractors from the game can't argue it doesn't look gorgeous. On VR I'd be generous and give it 7. Imagine the landscapes and the cars through a lower res filter and you get the idea. But, and it's a big Kardashian sized but, once you're moving all is forgotten.

It is without a doubt this is the most immersive home gaming experience I've had. The ability to look around with the wheel in your hand as you're cornering is absolutely incredible, plus you get a chance to look round the nicely rendered and detailed interior. You notice things in the game you never do normally and, although the mirrors work, looking behind you to see the other cars is just incredible. Overall a massive 10/10 Rimmseys for the fantastic, superlative, unbelievable experience of it all.

VR technology is still in its relative infancy but compared to eye toy, move and all the other failed peripherals I think Sony has truly knocked the ball right out of the park with this one! If you're a detractor then just try it, if you're an early adopter like me; in the words of John McClane 'Welcome to the party pal!'
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May 23, 2015
On Red Dwarf....
Have to now add, just tried the full shark attack mode on the ocean descent. I know it's a game, my brain knows it's a game but ill admit there was a certain amount of panicked looking around and ducking going on! No girly squeeling though! Short but a really good experience. A horror game with this system will be really hard going!


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Jun 5, 2006
I had a quick go on mine today, unfortunately I had plans this evening with friends so didn't get a long play. I know being social and all, what the hell??!!

I tried BattleZone, how cool is that game! I love the cockpit of the tank and it's proper fun!

Eve Valkyrie, again, awesome cockpit, launching from the capital ship sequence and fun gameplay.

DriveClub, was graphically a bi of a let down, hopefully it will get an upgrade when the PS4 Pro releases. They've clearly sacrificed detail for framerate. Like the smeg head (couldn't resist) above says though, once you get going you forget about it.

I everything I've tried runs silky smooth, I had no motion issues at all, unlike with the Rift DK2.

One minor gripe though is when looking down in some of the games you don't have a body, it's just weird!

I've downloaded the US demo disk from their store as they get 18 demos rather than the 8 the UK gets, I'm looking forward to having a proper go tomorrow.
Feb 16, 2007
I played all of the demos except the ones that require a move... Which I think is just Job Simulator.

The first 2 times I played rush of blood, there was a horrible drift, which ruined the experience, because I couldn't aim.

I tried it again today before it had a chance to drift, and it was a lot better. I even passed the level with an A.

I also tried everything in VR worlds. They were all cool, except for the luge game. Not a fan of that one. It was just boring. One of the most fun things to do is play with the different balls in the menu. The main ball (sparkly thing) gives you a trophy if you hit it, and the other ones have different effects. The best ones are ocean descent (which you can stick your head into and blow bubbles... it uses the mic) and the scavenger thing.

The heist is good when you're doing stuff, but the scenes where you're in the garage were lame. I need to shoot the buff dude next time.

The playroom VR only has 2 mini-games that can be played single player. The toy room was a nice diversion, but bot rescue was the best game ever. I really want to see a full game like that. I'd pay full price if it was Crash Bandicoot length.

Downloading the full version of "Here they Lie" now. I'll play it after work tomorrow.