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Sep 20, 2008
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Exciting news not only is Jim back but will include co-op all that I say that this will be a day one purchase!!!! :drool

Just when you thought Earthworm Jim’s return to gaming couldn’t get any better, along comes news that not only are we getting a chance to revisit a glorious platformer from a bygone era in pristine HD, developer Gameloft are also adding 4-player co-op to the mix.
Speaking in an interview with 8th-circuit, Gameloft’s Anne-Joelle Casenaz has highlighted the differences the HD remakes on PSN and XBLA will have over the DSi version. She says:
Theses HD versions will obviously be different from the Nintendo DSi version as they will feature entirely reworked graphics to fit HD standards. But there’s more: Achievements and Trophies can be unlocked respectively in the XBLA and PSN versions. And we’re promising many exclusive features, such as brand new levels with exclusive enemies and up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer!
Here’s a new trailer of the game in action.
Finally, though they’re remaking the original game, Gameloft haven’t ruled out creating a new Jim adventure if this game is well-received. In other words: you need to buy this game as we really need more Earthworm Jim in our lives.
Earthworm Jim HD hits XBLA this month before grooving its way on to PSN in August. If you’re never rode a hamster or launched a cow by lassoing a fridge (with your own head!), trust us – you’re in for a treat.


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Feb 8, 2009
How will Co-Op work for this? But finally a game is being released on PSN that Ï have an urge to get like I do with Disk based games

Nakatomi Uk

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Feb 4, 2008
If only it had the original voices I have the original mega drive version I also have E.J as a text tone it's ace listing to Whaooo Nelly when I get one lol, I am not so sure about this if they did both 1 & 2 in HD and sold it as a bumper pack then I would buy it and then the proceeds can go towards a new adventure but without Dave Perry on it could be as funny as it was in the good ole days.

I am also trying to find the cartoon on DVD as well..