Excellent Video

Jan 13, 2006
United States
I completely agree. Every gamer should watch this. One of his serious videos. Excellent.



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May 29, 2005
Addison, TX.
I think he's going to be pleasantly surprised with the PS+ service on PS4. I'm positive that they will up the quality by adding features like gaikai.


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Mar 12, 2008
New Jersey
I had PS+ for 3 months when i had to replace my 80gb ps3. I enjoyed the discounts i got, but it wasnt like it is today, where youre getting big games for free, that was back when they were giving you free minis and classics. I did just reserve my PS4 today, so ill have one at launch, my second Sony launch product in a row (vita the last one) and im very much considering signing up for PS+ again, but probably not for a few months, its summer time, and gaming for me is only really big in the fall winter and spring. I still am adamant about not buying an XBOX 1. I bought a 360 at launch, and withing my first 2 months, i RROD'd 3 times. I just bought a new laptop a few months ago via QVC because of their easy pay, and i had to return it because Windows 8 is fucking horrible. I have absoloutly zero faith in MS putting out a product i personally would be interested in buying.

That being said, i will also consider investing in building a higher end PC for inevitable games such as Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online, and Elder scrolls 6, and so on, just so that i can have something i can use for next gen moddable games.