Experience with broken PS3 HDD?


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Dec 27, 2006
Ok so my ps3 randomly crashed with a instant "3 beep crash" (usually this takes a while). Now when I start it, it seems to respond for 1 second then just turns into red light blinking mode. I think / hope it's "only" my HDD, but does anyone have any experience with this?

For those who want a laugh: It happened when I first booted Linger in Shadows and then I saw this cool little effect when shaking the sixaxis, so I started shaking and then it died. :rolleyes: (the loading screen already was a bit weird though?)

Edit: Starting to think it's more then the HDD, blaaaa :(
Hey, I had a failing HDD for the PS3. The first thing I experienced was that the games would load more slowly followed by a crash with the three beeps you talked about. If I tried starting the system right away again, it would crash right away. If I let it cool down it worked for a longer period of time, then the same thing would happen. The games I played during that time were MLB 07 and Oblivion. Both of those games constantly access the HDD. I ended up trying another HDD I had lying around just to make sure it was the problem, and it was. I put a new HDD in and it now works perfectly.

Your issue sounds similar, but I can't guarantee that it's the HDD causing the problem, so I'd try another one or call sony for help.