Fall of cybertron game data appearing after delete

Feb 16, 2016
Hey everyone, I was playing fall of cybertron the other day on my Ps3 slim, I got to a loading screen and the game froze, I had to restart my ps3. Since then when I lay the game it tells me the data is corrupted.

So I exit the game, go to the game data utility go to fall of cybertron (shows a size of about 2gb) press triangle then delete and it deletes almost instantly.

I then put the fall of cybertron disc back in my Ps3 and load the game but no install screen appears. I can play the game as normal (up to the Corrupted bit). So I closed the game and the data is back in the game data utility as if it was never deleted I want to emphasise nothing reinstalls it as if the game just undeletes the data.

I have tried a file system restore and the same thing happens.

Any advice on how to remove this corrupted data and keep it gone would be great all I wanna do is reinstall the data so I can get past this corrupted bit.

I was thinking of rebuilding the database but I'm not sure if that would do anything. I don't mind deleting the save data if that would fix this.

I'm not sure what the best cause of action would be can any one advise me what to do?.

Many thanks