FIFA 17 Review

Jul 4, 2016
FIFA 17 was released last week, and I've been testing the game in the last days so I am already able to do a little review about it, so let's start!

The FIFA 17’s headline feature is The Journey. It tells a story of prodigious young talent attempting to make a name and leave a legacy in the Premier League. What makes FIFA 17 a welcome reminder of the personal stories for a good few seasons? Let’s find out.

It’s all about the movement of players. In this case, movement looks to have taken a different turn. To make up for that poor quality in the midfield,this new edition has pumped wingers with more horsepower so as to easily exploit the overlap. This means you can easily just straight up kick the ball past lazy defenders.
Tackling has also become almost impossible since the opposition players are always blocking the ball at every available opportunity. This is a good thing because even on World Class AI settings, the team seems determined to give the ball away with doubtful levels of enthusiasm. For those who have difficulty in this chapter of the game, I recommend to read this FIFA 17 guide on how to defend.
About the graphical part of the game, the players are stunning in appearance and so are the stadiums. The actions on the pitch are more realistic. The new Journey Mode is just perfect and a great addition. You will also love the commentary.
Since the FIFA 17 is an advancement of its predecessor, there are more teams and leagues to choose from. The players are much smarter than before.
• Impressive realistic on pitch action
• New single player features
• Bigger roster of teams and leagues
• New attacking options

• Minimal gameplay changes
• The sound track is not better than last year’s
• FUT upgrades are still the same
• The controls are not easy to master at first.

Verdict: FIFA 17 seems to be the game that will lay the groundwork for future titles. The switching of the game to a new engine makes it a strong entry in the iconic series. Gamers will love the hyper-realistic graphics and the perfect facial expression of players which makes them look more than mannequins.
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