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Nov 30, 2008
Hey, i am having some trouble finding one last secret flower to get the gold trophy
Its on the 5th level with the purple flower
This IGN guide thing says

Secret 3 - As you enter the maze area, you can follow the right wall to this
secret. If you want, you can bloom all the flowers in the maze first so the
towers won't electrocute you, but don't try to bloom the set of red flowers
at the start of the windy canyon (or you can't get the secret).
I have attempted this a few times but i just cant seem to find it. Can anyone help me out in any way?


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Jan 22, 2009
I lifted this from the guide on Gamefaqs:

Secret 3:
This secret is tucked away in the maze portion of the third area, before the
straight part where the wind takes you along. To start off, take either fork in
the maze--it doesn't matter. When you get to the first electrified piece of
rubble, take the right fork. Then, take the left path--the one that passes under
two suspended rubble pieces that are shaped like a sideways V, or a < (the right
one's okay too--it just loops around and joins the left path). Then, when you
hit a T-intersection, take a right under another suspended piece of rubble. Take
an immediate right (that's pretty much a hairpin turn to the right under that
piece of rubble) and the flowers should be on the ground in a small inlet.
It's a fair bit more descriptive, and should hopefully help you on your way. :)


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Sep 11, 2007
When it comes to trophies, youtube is your best friend. You can't get much better than a video walk through of a trophy. I was having so much trouble with the "Pure" trophy, until I found out the trick to it on youtube. With that, I managed 100% completion just a few hours ago.

I think this will be of help, in your case.
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjIR69Aj92Q&feature=related"]YouTube - Flower: Dream Trophy [Hidden Flowers] [5/6] [HD][/ame]