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Dec 10, 2008
AUSTRALIAN weapons developer Metal Storm Ltd will unveil its new lightweight shotgun this week, amid speculation the company could be forced offshore.
Metal Storm will launch the MAUL weapon - a 12-gauge shotgun weighing just 800g - at a small arms symposium in Las Vegas in the United States.
By contrast, conventional shotguns can weigh as much as four kilograms.
The low weight of the Metal Storm shotgun means it is attractive to the military, security and law enforcement industries, the company says.
"We think we have set the bar for a five-shot semi-automatic shotgun," Metal Storm Incorporated general manager Peter Faulkner said.
Metal Storm Incorporated is the US arm of the company.
"The MAUL was conceived with a great deal of influence from the US operational community."
The battery-powered shotgun has been designed for use as a door breacher and less lethal force missions, functions that usually require two weapons.
"The MAUL is a disruptive technology that will forever change the way the small arms community thinks about how and when to use a shotgun," Metal Storm chief executive Dr Lee Finniear said.
800g 12gauge is sure to have a bit of kickback. My mate has a 12gauge with polymer stock (probably weighs a little more than a .22) and that thing kicks like a *****.

Metal Storm have some really good idea's, just hope our braindead Government gives them the funding they need to keep it an Aus controlled company. Here are some videos that show what they are capable of:

[ame=""]YouTube - Metal Storm Mortar[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Metal Storm ADWS[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Metal Storm[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - 1 mil RPM gun - Metal storm[/ame]

(Can't check video's as I'm at work :rolleyes:, so I will just assume they are correct)


Cool videos. I think there was a similar type of gun in Too Human (as I remember from reading some video game magazine). A million bullets per minute sounds impressive! Hopefully some interesting wars are made out of this!:twisted: And hopefully someone will be man enough to not only let the computers get all the kills!:gta:


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Jun 9, 2005
[QUOTE="SamuraiClarke, post: 0]What happened to the days of beating people with sticks? :([/quote]

They started using bows and arrows..


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Mar 30, 2009
[QUOTE="Lefein, post: 0]They started using bows and arrows..[/quote]

Then they started using guns.:lol:

The rest is history!