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Feb 11, 2008
South Carolina
I just pulled my Vita(s) out and wanted to see where things were these days. My launch Vita is still on 1.8 (hacked) and my AssCreed bundle Vita was on 3.x (updated to latest now). I really forgot how brilliant the display is and how awesome the games are for this thing.

Enjoyed playing some HSG:WT. I was able to grab The Show 15, new sealed, for $3!! Dayum this game looks amazing and plays so well. Also got Terraria for $5, new sealed lol. Going back through my library to play some "oldies".

What are you doing with your Vita?



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Dec 21, 2011
Well I check time by time if any cool game from past I want is on sale or not. Vita is my portal for japanese gaming. I just bought 3 games 2 weeks ago, Zero Time Dilemma ( not awesome as first game but amazing still ) , Grand Kingdom ( also on ps4 but definitely a game made for Vita) and another JRPG I can't remember its name lol...

Luckily for ps4 users those awesome games like, gravity rush, danganronpa and zero time games (by far best games I played on Vita are those) are all coming to PS4.


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Oct 30, 2006
[QUOTE="Syphon_Filter, post: 6527291]The VITA is great system I call it, but mine now can't connect to the internet and its just sleeping. I'm thinking to get one from Japan.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for posting, you reminded me the PSN sale and to grab XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus for the Vita. :)
Wow, didn't realize they finally ported XCOM to the PSV... I've been looking forward to that game for years, but now that I got XCOM2 for the PS4, I don't really care to buy the original for the PSV.

Plus, my PSV's OLED screen is completely cracked on the inside (not a scar on the outside, *sighs*), so I need to replace it, but I haven't had the time to take it apart and install a new screen, so I really haven't touched it as of late.

The last game I was playing before the screen went all kaput was Stranger of Sword City. Decent dungeon crawler and I was killin' it (got a decent party built going), but alas, the PSV and I were not meant to be :(.


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Nov 14, 2007
[QUOTE="Syphon_Filter, post: 6534886]You are welcome. I bought another PS VITA white model from Japan. Can't wait until it arrive.[/QUOTE]

Only took you 9 months to reply. Not bad! :rolleyes: